Double Flanged Triple Offset Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

FEIDA triple offset metal seat butterfly valve has four eccentric structure, which can achieve bi-directional zero leakage with the lowest torque.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Wafer Type High Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valve

FEIDA high performance butterfly valve is extremely durable with innovative double offset design and could meet one million operations.

Double Offest Butterfly Valve


Founded in 2003, FEIDA is one of the Chinese largest and most respected manufacturers of high quality HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY VALVE. We own and operate a valve factory and a foundry including Production department, R&D department, QC department & After-sales service department etc.   One million life cycle HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY...
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API 607 Fire Safe Certificate
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FEIDA high performance butterfly valve passed API 607 standard test


竞彩足球比分开奖信息:FEIDA high performance butterfly valve passed API 607 standard test

FEIDA innovative design high performance butterfly valve recently passed the fire test of the American Petroleum Organization API 607 standard. This new type of high performance butterfly valve is mainly used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants or sugar-making devices. This double offset butterfly valve has 2 sealing seats with RPTFE and stainless steel metal seat. The metal sealing of the double-insurance fire safe butterfly valve series is also equipped with a PTFE and stainless seat sealing, and the metal seat can still seal even if the RPTFE seat is destroyed by a fire. Tests have shown that in a fire, the flammable medium handled by the valve in the closed state has a very low or no leakage.

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